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Mike and Joie Brown


We have reached that turning point in our life to do the things we dream of and love. So combining adventure, travel, photography and a RV; we are so ready!

Our goal is to share the times we treasure,  fun we have, places we visit and scenes we capture with our photography and things we learn as RVer's. 

So join Mike, Joie, Chase "the Wonder Dog" and take a ride with us in Our Mobile Backpack.  

Chase "The Wonder Dog"


Chase has been in the family for many years, since our kids were toddlers.  He has provided many romping hours of fun and folic with the grandkids and now the great grandkids too.  

After the kids left home Mike and Joie decided not to get another "real " pet,  Instead they gave Chase the honor he deserve as the "Best Pet" they have ever had.  

Adventures >Travel >Photography


Our friends love to see and hear about the "Mike and Joie Excellent Adventures"  So in that tradition, we carry on.  We adopted  "Our Mobile Backpack" to take us on new and exciting journeys.  

Our Mobile Backpack is outfitted and ready to take us to new places, to see new things and find more photo opportunities to share. 

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Our Mobile Backpack